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Dear TPers,

As the photo trend in Vietnam with many foreign photographers, Teenphoto is very glad to open the English Club. This club is special for members who can't use Vietnamese. And English is the more favor language with them.

After the meeting with Phil Veinott (https://www.facebook.com/philveinott), Teenphoto would like to introduce to everyone the new club.

Wish the Teenphoto - English club will be the most famous photo club of Teenphoto in Vietnam and global. :D


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I was good at English, but now i'm not ^_^
Because I do not use regular English.
Hope I'll have opportunity to improve my Enghlish


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Long time i never join Teenphoto's forum. Just now i come back and saw this topic. That's so great with this topic. I need to improve my English.
Thank you, anh Khoa ! So love love you :laluot55::laluot55:


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welcom Phil , what is your nickname on teenphoto? sometimes facebook is prohibited in Vietnam so we hardly access your homepage. if possible, pls post your images ragullaly to our website so that we can discuss together.

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Wow this's really so great! I look forward to joining in the club at the soonest ;)
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